Erik Satie's Crystal Ball

About this site

This site is dedicated to proving the theory voiced by Darius Milhaud shortly after Erik Satie died in 1925, that the composer had prophesied the major movements in classical music to appear over the next fifty years (that is, to the year 1975) within his own body of work.

The project was begun following the author’s graduation from her Bachelor of Music (Honours) degree: the Neoclassicism section of this site is largely the product of her Honours-year research paper work. Not wanting to let the project languish, this site (then at, later at was launched on 17 May 1998. This version of the site, on its own domain,, was launched on 7 September 2019.

About the author

Caitlin Rowley is a London-based Australian composer, artist, performer and researcher. Read more about her on her website,

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