Erik Satie's Crystal Ball

Annotated bibliography

Note: This site was developed in the days before Music Index, JSTOR and the like were accessible online, when it seemed like a good idea to keep updating this bibliography with updated material. With these materials now so (relatively) easy to access (talk to your local university librarian!) it seems like a pointless exercise, so I am not continuing it. The last update here was made in April 2004.

All materials in this bibliography have been gathered together under type of material. These will eventually be separated out so that related materials will be grouped together (e.g. Satie-only resources, minimalism, impressionism)

It will be noted that some of the entries in this bibliography contain nothing about Satie. These have been included because they shed light on some style of music or other which is discussed in the research sections of this site. As the focus of the site is Satie, however, these have been annotated from a Satie viewpoint.

If you review an as-yet unreviewed article & would like to submit an annotation, or to suggest its removal from the list, please email Any contributions of new titles and annotations will be gratefully received and acknowledged.

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