Erik Satie's Crystal Ball


This section currently comprises two documents: My B.Mus. Honours research paper, entitled Satie the Neoclassicist, and a paper which I was invited to present at a postgraduate student symposium run by the Musicological Society of Australia, entitled Neoclassical Aspects of Form in the Music of Erik Satie. As this second paper was derived from a section of the Honours research paper, some of the material is duplicated. However, there are also some new thoughts, and some expansion of elements which could not be looked at in great detail in the relevant section of the research paper.

Introductory thoughts and comments

Satie the Neoclassicist (1995. Thesis submitted for Bachelor of Music Honours year. Music Department, University of Sydney)

  1. Defining Neoclassicism
  2. The Definite Departure from the Thematic
  3. The Renunciation of Subjectivity
  4. Quotation, Parody, and Invocation
  5. Satie and form
  6. Conclusion

Neoclassical Aspects of Form in the Music of Erik Satie (1995. Presented at the Musicological Society of Australia’s postgraduate student symposium)